4th July

As our group decided, our company focuses on serves business to meet the needs of our clients. Focused on my scenario, it developed from an investment in environmentally sustainable technologies and the victory of individual industry over big corporation.

In general, people in this world have a high quality of life and high harmony index. That’s because of investment in sustainability technologies resulting in a better natural environment, and separate individual factories bring to sustainable economic development. In addition, there are enough technologies to meet people’s daily life as well.  Also, successful government solutions are due to high rates of employment. The level of education of the citizens is enough to ensure the stable development of the city. So, generally, people in this scenario lived a simple and comfortable life.

However, the problem in this scenario is the lack of social connections. People just live in their own lives without sharing with others. Lack of social communication depresses the development of the city.

Our company designed a service for people who want store and share experiences or memories with others. It is achieve by a small mobile, transport the sense from the physical into the digital. It’ll give you an immersive feeling, allows you can truly feel yourselves or others, memories and experiences, realize the true meaning of sharing, and get a better communication between people, however, this technology reduce the human activity in some level. That’s means this design can bring to a more stable environment at future as well.


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