11th July

These two videos similarly points out that the world is full of the benefits of technology in future. Therefore, we are sometimes depending on technology too much. For example, one person would not move from house. He can order something to eat by telephone. He can also buy clothes by Internet. This kind of service is used delivery system, so he doesn’t need to move from his house. This is one of benefits of technology called transportation.

It is not only that man. It can refer to us. If we don’t have a telephone, it is too inconvenient. We can’t talk to people who live a long distance from our house, even in the same town. If we don’t have a TV or radio, we can’t get exact information about the world. If we don’t have a car, we can’t go too far. It’s so inconvenient, especially in the USA. However, the most important thing for me is the airplane. If we didn’t have airplanes, I couldn’t come to this ELC and I couldn’t write this composition. These are just example I imagine. I can present more examples if I want. However, fuel is important to use this product for technology. The most famous fuel is oil. Oil can be changed into gasoline and oil gas. Oil is used in most vehicles and for heating. However, the oil is said to be able to last only this century. Therefore, we have to harvest the oil and need to look for some new fuel instead of the oil. In addition, electricity is one of the important power sources for using technology. Electricity is made in many ways. For example, using natural power sources like water, wind, and sunlight can make it. I think these ways don’t bring us harm. However, other ways of making electricity can bring harm. I mean thermal power generation and nuclear power generation. These powerhouses can kill many people and the environment and animals if there is an accident. However, it can make much electricity more easily.

Therefore, we have to keep company with technology in a good way to save the environment, many creatures, and, of course, the earth itself.


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