9th July

This video absolutely shows what our chosen pitch world will be. Higher building, less green, full technology, increased productivity, and more workload for everyone. Because of the world develop so fast; people under more the pressure of life and work.

By learning how the world of extremes scenario is being shaped investment in technologies and the victory of big corporation industry. By 2020, the corporate world would be established and advertised as a fully integrated, self-managed place. Great importance would be placed on the acquisition, development and management of property, processes and people. The primary focus would be on access and information protection in this scenario, and less on the workplace, resulting in a degradation of work ethics and health and safety procedures.

Moreover, according to our research,about the future world we have pitched, we have summarized as follows:

Demographics: population growth, ageing workforce, multigenerational workforces and changing family patterns

Economics: pension crisis, knowledge economy, the lack of predictability of the financial systems and management performance

Employment: demand of flexible working arrangements, competition for qualified workers will intensify, growing complexity of legal compliance

Society: work-life integration, lack of social contact, the power of mass collaboration

Technology: travel vs. video conferencing, connectivity, virtualization, and security

Environment: awareness of planetary preservation, not enough resources, green technologies, transport systems

According the research, the video introduced what is nano-technology, and also support our idea is a possibly design in the future, so, our group designed comet-nano system lets you retain control over your work force. It will give you the power to reduce the cost of increased productivity. As our system specifically design for your needs. You can choose to use it at any intensity you like. You can be completely in control, or keep the as a backup or insurance. We’ve developed a unique service that allows us to tap into and control this nano-technonlgy. We truly believed that is an effective way to make people work more with a positive attitude.

This video talked about how important of having a positive attitude in the work place and also points out this attitude can make life much easier.


‘The Future World’, uploaded by ‪5233484 on Jan 7, 2010, viewed on 6 July 2012,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy5MIJ4EgvI

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Dr. Vincent Kituku, 2009, Having a Positive Attitude in the Work Place, viewed 9 July 2012, <youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw_tj0EHQtU>


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