3rd July

Today, our group decided two drivers of change in the future, and my scenario is developed from an investment in environmentally sustainable technologies and the victory of individual industry over big corporation. However, our group deiced to make this future interesting and reasonable at the same time. It just likes the reason why people enjoy adventure movie, they are not reality but they are reasonable and believable. Moreover, we decide devolved our scenario by five key aspects. They are: environmental, economic, technology, police and social. We found a useful information when we research, the paper points out that Australia can significantly reduce the risks of dangerous climate change and maintain robust economic growth. They can do this by introducing efficient mitigation policies, which price emissions. Mitigation costs fall as the policy coverage expands. If all sources of emissions across the globe are included, mitigation costs are minimized. This involves participation by all regions and all sectors to reduce emissions of all greenhouse gases.

Stabilizing greenhouse gases at low concentrations requires global action: stabilization at any level is not possible without mitigation action across all major emitters. If the world acts now, using efficient policy frameworks, it could achieve even low stabilization levels at relatively low cost. Early strong global action keeps open the option of pursuing more ambitious stabilization levels in the future, if that proves desirable, and provides insurance against the risks of serious and irreversible climate change. Delaying action increases the risks and costs of achieving any given environmental goal.


Published on Jun 26, 2012 by pjvdixon, viewed 1 July 2012, <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE6F2GgQyUQ&gt;


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